About AZPP

Arizona Animal Rescue

AZ Pound Pups rescue Inc., a no-kill 501C3. Get to know us and help us save lives.

AZ Pound Pups

AZ Pound Pups rescue Inc. is a no-kill, 501c3 organization run by a group of dedicated volunteers based in both Sedona and Phoenix, Arizona. Our mission is to save as many unwanted animals as we can and place them into loving, forever homes.

The majority of our animals are saved from euthanasia lists at local pounds/shelters. They are now in foster care and are ready for their own homes. Please network, share, post, volunteer, or most importantly: ADOPT!

About Us

Like most good rescues, AZ Pound Pups acquires unwanted, abandoned, or abused animals from local pounds and shelters. We provide love and care to the animals, reversing the effect of feeling unwanted. When needed, we nurse the animals back to health. Finally, we adopt them and find them loving, forever homes.

It is obvious we love animals, but AZ Pound Pups equally values the family, friends and pets of the animals new home. With this in mind we:

  • Learn everything we can about the animals history as is available and share everything with you.
  • In most all cases, the animals will spend times in the home of our fosters - exposed to adults, children, and other animals. We will let you know any behaviors we see (if any).
  • While nothing can ever be guaranteed, we do our best to ensure we adopt pets to other homes are pets we would have in our homes.